What is jewellery packaging?

A jewelry packaging box is a box specially designed for jewelry, jewelry and other valuables. In ancient times, jewelry boxes were used to hold jewelry, but today it has developed into a jewelry packaging box that can increase the added value of jewelry. In modern society, jewelry packaging boxes are widely used in shopping malls, jewelry stores, gift shops and other places, as well as personal jewelry collections.

The jewelry packaging box industry has formed a preliminary scale. From the perspective of quantity, many companies are now engaged in jewelry packaging, but from the perspective of development, it is still very immature, mainly manifested in a series of problems such as single variety and lack of industry standards. Although new materials and new technologies provide new space for the design of jewelry packaging boxes, such as resin, PVC, polyurethane, PU imitation leather, and various new types of paper (leather paper, wood grain paper, etc.) are used. However, looking at the jewelry packaging products circulating in the market, the problems reflected in the design, such as insufficient visual impact, lack of diversification in form and function, and serious imitation marks between each other, are still quite prominent.

1. The modern jewelry industry started late as a whole.

The public’s demand for jewelry has long remained at the level of value preservation. Since jewelry is a luxury, there will be a larger market only when the economy develops rapidly and people’s lives are relatively affluent. Over the past ten years, my country’s jewelry industry has begun to show vitality. Driven by the reform and opening up, the market in the south is more active than in the north.

After the 20th century, with various changes in the art world, many traditional arts and crafts gradually transformed into modern designs, and jewelry was also affected. The distinctive sign that the modern jewelry and jewelry industry is different from the traditional is that the production of enterprises replaces workshop production, design and processing are separated, and the production process is subdivided and quantified. my country’s modern jewelry design began in the 1990s. Before that, there were no professional jewelry designers, and jewelry styles were mainly imitations and modifications of foreign styles. In the late 1990s, as some colleges successively set up and planned to build jewelry design majors and studios, the situation has changed a lot. Opening jewelry design as a major in universities is not only different from the traditional handicraft model of master-apprentice in the jewelry industry, but also makes it gradually move closer to modern design, and marks the birth of a new profession of jewelry designer in our country.

In terms of time, the modern jewelry industry is very young, and the overall start is relatively late, and the corresponding jewelry matching products have not attracted widespread attention in the industry. In addition, due to the uniqueness of jewelry itself, its transformation from arts and crafts to modern design is not complete. Restricted by traditional processing methods, many links still need to be completed by hand. Too much reliance on labor-intensive production has also led to jewelry and its The design modernization of supporting industries is low.

2. The industry is small in scale

Except for a few large jewelry companies in China, the scale of jewelry factories is generally relatively small, and they cannot have their own packaging designers or customize packaging for certain kinds of jewelry due to limited conditions. Manufacturers and distributors usually purchase packaged products directly. Although this can effectively reduce costs, it is easy to cause misalignment of jewelry products and packaging in terms of shape integration and style.

At present, jewelry packaging boxes circulating in the market can be roughly divided into five categories, namely hard boxes, soft bags, cards, trays, and props. They are mainly from small packaging companies. Due to small scale and lack of funds, the investment in design must be insufficient. For a long time, jewelry packaging boxes and gift packaging have been mixed together, and sometimes they replace each other. Some jewelry packaging box factories are directly converted from gift packaging factories, and some are mainly engaged in gift packaging and jewelry packaging boxes at the same time. Lack of norms and standards.

3. Traditional marketing models and concepts do not pay attention to brand image promotion and thus ignore the value of packaging.

Jewelry is a special commodity. Because its raw materials are very expensive, in traditional marketing models and concepts, the shine of raw materials often obscures the value of style, craftsmanship, brand, etc. When the market is still immature, for ordinary consumers who lack identification experience, “genuine products” seem to be more convincing than brands. Consumers pay more attention to the “gold content” of jewelry. Of course, this was people’s thinking in the past. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for jewelry are no longer just in terms of value preservation. Its appreciation has also become important, so the design of jewelry packaging boxes has also become important.

In the future, people’s requirements for jewelry packaging boxes will definitely become higher and higher, which requires jewelry packaging manufacturers to have more designs and ideas to meet the needs of consumers. Next, we will analyze jewelry packaging boxes from the aspects of material, design, and function.

Material of Jewelry Box:

First of all, jewelry packaging boxes are made of various materials, such as wood, metal, leather, cloth, etc. Wooden jewelry boxes have the advantages of being natural, green and environmentally friendly, and can well show the purity and elegance of precious jewelry. Jewelry boxes made of metal materials are usually used to display ordinary jewelry, such as silver ornaments, crystals, etc., because the material is strong and not easy to damage. The jewelry box made of leather material has a beautiful and generous appearance, and a reasonable internal layout, which can hold and display various jewelry and jewelry, and is welcomed by people. The jewelry box made of cloth material is soft to the touch and light in texture, which is more suitable for displaying jewelry with feminine characteristics.

Jewelry packaging box design

Secondly, the design of the jewelry packaging box is very important. Its exterior design needs to take into account aesthetics, while its interior design needs to take practicality into consideration. A good jewelry packaging box design can make the product more beautiful and elegant, and also allow consumers to more easily discover the intrinsic value of the product.

Functions of jewelry packaging boxes

The jewelry packaging box is not just for looks, it actually plays a very important role. Keeping your valuable jewelry safe and in good condition for a long time is important. Using a box will keep your valuable items safe and allow you to enjoy them for a long time.

Jewelry packaging boxes can make jewelry and jewelry less susceptible to damage such as oxidation, friction, scratches, etc., while maintaining their shiny, smooth appearance.

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, jewelry packaging boxes are becoming more and more exquisite, more environmentally friendly, and more humane, and their development prospects in the future are also very broad.

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