What are the three aspects of your design for a high end jewelry store?

The jewelry industry is an emerging industry in the new era, and it is a leader in business. When young people go to the palace of marriage or attend important occasions, they need to use jewelry to add beautiful colors to themselves. With the improvement of people’s living standards, jewelry has become a trendy product, and its styles have become diversified. For various groups of people, the jewelry industry is no longer an exclusive product for women, and people’s demand for jewelry has also changed. 

The normalization of jewelry has promoted the development of the jewelry industry. The existence of jewelry stores is diverse. It can be opened in shopping malls or as independent stores. The space decoration of a jewelry store is the best salesman, it can let customers reflect the taste when they walk into the store. The common point between jewelry design and space design is that they both belong to aesthetics. A good jewelry store space design can improve the jewelry to a high level, so that customers can better remember the store and leave a better impression. The following are some of my suggestions for jewelry store design, I hope it can be helpful to you.

1. Spatial layout planning of jewelry store

Before designing a jewelry store, we need to have a plan for the store space. First of all, we need to understand what kind of space a jewelry store is. I because jewelry store is a diversified space combining display space and commercial space. The demand for space in jewelry stores is mostly based on product display. Therefore, the jewelry display area occupies most of the overall space, followed by the customer’s negotiation area and the staff’s office area. If the space conditions are met, a children’s area and a rest area (for drinking tea and coffee) can be set up. 

The spatial layout planning and structure of jewelry stores should meet the needs of display, communication, marketing, and psychological counseling to customers as a prerequisite, so as to achieve full use of space and safe and intuitive jewelry showcases and booths. Product display accounts for the vast majority of jewelry store design. Product display is to enable consumers to understand the information conveyed by the product with the most intuitive and thorough vision. The space planning of jewelry stores should not be too dense in the design. Crowded space will bring consumers a feeling of depression, and the products will appear cheap. A comfortable shopping space will bring consumers a good shopping experience.

For a good jewelry store, the layout of the goods is extremely important. Uncoordinated matching will make consumers psychological barriers to products, so the arrangement of jewelry display must be reasonable, orderly and transparent. A reasonable layout can improve the efficiency of consumers in choosing products, and at the same time, it can better promote the transaction volume of business. 

Jewelry in the showcase should be classified and placed according to styles, and there must be a distinction between primary and secondary. The main jewelry should be displayed prominently or displayed separately, so as to better attract consumers’ attention and understand consumer needs. It allows service personnel to introduce products to consumers in a more targeted manner.

2. Design style and lighting application of jewelry store

The styles of jewelry store design are very diverse, and many styles are very suitable for jewelry store design. Most of the jewelry store designs are magnificent, noble and elegant, which reflects the preciousness of jewelry. The space design of jewelry stores is very inclusive of design styles, most of them are modern style, European style, French light luxury, classical American style, etc., but some special stores also adopt Chinese style or add ethnic elements, which should be specific to what they sell Depends on the product. 

For example, jewelry stores that deal in jade mostly adopt Chinese style. Jewelry stores that deal in crystals like to add ethnic elements. Precious metal jewelry such as diamond rings and necklaces are mostly in modern or European styles. The use of specific styles depends on the designer’s flexible use of the store’s business direction, product characteristics, and consumer groups.

The use of lighting in jewelry store design is also extremely important. Reasonable use of lighting can not only improve the atmosphere of the space, but also improve the quality of the products. Pay attention to the role of light in the overall space. Visual perception of space and objects must have light as a prerequisite. People perceive space and form through light. Too dark light will make the overall space feel dull. The light source should not be limited to downlights and spotlights. Use atmosphere and light strips to adjust the effect in the space. 

The ambient light must use warm light, warm light will make people feel comfortable. Shopping is inherently satisfying, so warm lighting can be the icing on the cake. The lighting in the showcase can use spotlights. Due to the different colors of jewelry materials, in order to minimize the color difference, we must use white light to irradiate the display products, so that the relationship between light and dark of the displayed products is strong, the three-dimensional sense of the products is increased, and consumers can choose the products more clearly.

3. Precautions for jewelry store design

(1) In jewelry store design, product display space accounts for most of the space. Therefore, jewelry showcases, booths, and mirrors must conform to ergonomics. If the showcases, booths, and mirrors are too short, consumers will feel tired when choosing jewelry, resulting in product boredom. We can set up bar chairs in front of the display cabinet so that customers can sit down and carefully select and try on items.

(2) The display cabinets and booths should be placed loosely in the space. It is best to install wheels on the bottom of the independent display cabinets. When the store is engaged in activities, the position can be flexibly adjusted to cooperate with the activities.

(3) In jewelry stores, although the spotlights in display cabinets emphasize that the lights should be bright, white light should be the main light source. However, the jewelry materials are different, and the color of the light must be adjusted accordingly. Excessive light will cause consumers to feel eye fatigue.

(4) Because jewelry products are expensive and mostly made of rare materials. Although we live in a harmonious society, to prevent criminals from committing crimes, we still need to install an alarm system during design and connect it to the public security system in a timely manner.

The development of business will drive the development of interior design to a certain extent, and the fashion trends of business also determine the fashion trends of interior design. The design of jewelry stores is a new development of interior design. Only by continuous accumulation and exploration in design can we have better design works.

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