How to design a perfect jewelry store?

Good decoration is the soul of a jewelry store. With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, jewelry is also deeply loved by people, and the number of jewelry stores is gradually increasing. The most troublesome thing for a store owner when opening a jewelry store is store decoration. The decoration of a jewelry store should not only attract customers, but also promote the company’s culture and business philosophy. The quality of jewelry store operation is closely related to the decoration design. This article is about some tips on jewelry store decoration design. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Showcase decoration design concept:

For a successful jewelry business, if you want consumers to buy it, you must show the jewelry store to consumers, so a good display cabinet and booth are also important. A display cabinet with a relatively unique and novel design can make people want to go in and take a look after looking at the display cabinet. The design of the display cabinet should be based on the style of the jewelry. The jewelry store’s products must match the style of the display cabinet. If it is designed in a completely irrelevant style, it will be divorced from the essence of the product. The designed display cabinet must be in line with the culture of the jewelry store or the connotation of the jewelry product. When customers see it, they can immediately think of a cultural connotation. It is not only a classical style, but also a fashionable style. The appearance must be good. reflected.

The aesthetic experience is just right:

An elegant and luxuriously decorated store must sell high-end and high-quality products. However, if the decoration is mediocre or outdated, the products it sells must also be interlaced and low-quality, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. But too luxurious or simple decoration, combined with uncoordinated layout, is itself an artificial barrier to reject consumers. Therefore, the decoration design of the showcase must have a comfortable aesthetic vision. Usually, the showcase company will carry out the aesthetic design of the store based on the customer target, market positioning, brand level, etc. of the jewelry brand. The design of the showcase store should not be sensational, nor should it be unspectacular. It is the best to give people a beautiful feeling and refreshing surprise. Good design experience.

Simple and elegant space planning:

A good showcase space can sometimes get twice the result with half the effort for sales. The space planning of display cabinets and stores should not be too crowded, but should be relatively spacious, so as to appear simple and elegant, and at the same time create a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers, promote customers’ shopping, and give customers a good mood.

Rationalization of lighting source configuration:

We know that the visual first experience is important. Visually, the lighting design and equipment of jewelry stores play a vital role. Because the lighting experience not only affects the aesthetic feeling of the store, but also affects the emotions of consumers, which indirectly affects the success of the jewelry store’s transaction. Good display cabinet lighting equipment can distinguish the levels and sales entities in the jewelry store. When decorating the lighting design or counter of some jewelry stores, they generally only pay attention to the light being bright enough to make the overall store feel gorgeous and magnificent, but ignore the proportion of the light source. Distribution, because the characteristics of jewelry itself have extremely high requirements for light sources. If the equipment requirements of these light sources are met, the characteristics of the product can be well displayed.

Jewelry store decoration design elements:

In modern business, lighting can be used to the fullest, showing the beauty and harmony of light. All industries are inseparable from light sources. Lamps of different models and specifications are used in shopping mall decoration, store decoration and more occasions. A good display light environment is affected and restricted by various factors such as illumination, sense of space, color rendering, three-dimensionality, glare, stability, etc. Here we reminds you that you need to consider the following major elements when decorating and designing a jewelry store:

Design aesthetics

It must have the functions of decorating space, setting off the atmosphere and beautifying the environment. The lighting design should be designed to meet the needs of jewelry display as much as possible, and at the same time meet the requirements of the interior decoration of the showcase. Adjust the luminosity according to the needs of different accessories or display personality, and provide a comfortable, prominent and vivid display space.

Security by design

In lighting design, we must strictly follow the regulations and requirements of standard design. When selecting building electrical equipment and electrical materials, we should carefully select some manufacturers or brands with good reputation and guaranteed quality. At the same time, we should also fully consider the environmental conditions (such as temperature, Humidity, harmful gases, radiation, steam, etc.) damage to jewelry. You also need to pay attention to issues such as ventilation and heat dissipation.

Design artistry

Adhere to the design of seeing the light but not the light to avoid glare from damaging the three-dimensional image of the eyes. Make full use of the lighting of the light to show the space and level of the showcase, as well as the three-dimensional sense of the exhibits and decorations. Use lighting to convey special three-dimensional and decorative textures, revealing the texture, texture, color and other aesthetics of the exhibits.

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