Jewelry is a woman’s life indispensable ornaments, scattered jewelry storage is a troublesome problem. So you need a beautiful jewelry display box to collect your favorite pieces. Not only that, a suitable jewelry display box is also very conducive to the sales and promotion of the product. Give customers a good shopping experience. Jewelry display box For jewelry store merchants, it is necessary to both reflect your brand and make it suitable for your products. As a professional jewelry store showcase manufacturer, we also offer a variety of other configurations for use in jewelry stores. So how much do you know about jewelry display boxes? Here we will introduce the types of jewelry display boxes.

1. Paper jewelry display box

At present, the carton on the market is generally made of cardboard, wrapped in a layer of mounting paper, mounting paper is generally a strong plasticity of double copper paper. The relative price of this kind of box is relatively cheap, and the general silver jewelry store is used more. Of course, some of the larger paper jewelry display boxes also appear in jewelry stores.

2. Flocking jewelry display box

Flocking jewelry display boxes are plastic as the main structure, the surface of the flocking, looking more beautiful, but also relatively light. Flocking jewelry display boxes are more expensive than paper boxes. It is usually used for silver jewelry and gold.

3. Gummy jewelry display box

This kind of jewelry display box generally uses injection molding, open mold mass production, is generally tens of thousands of demand, mainly to flocking, also papering treatment. This kind of material jewelry display box price is the lowest, grade is relatively not very low, is the first choice of most jewelers.

4. Wooden jewelry display box  

Solid wood jewelry display box belongs to the relatively high-end jewelry packaging, generally with solid wood as the main material, spray painting treatment, many enterprises use this kind of solid wood jewelry box exported to foreign countries. Batch is not large, but the production cycle is long, the price is expensive.

5. Glass jewelry display box

It is made of organic glass, which is not easy to break, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion. The combination of glass jewelry display box and fashion elements gives a strong sense of the times and a modern atmosphere. These boxes are usually packed in fine jewelry. The jewelry display box of this material is often paired with some flowers or green plants in the process of use, which looks very natural, giving people the feeling of sticking to the earth and making people feel ethereal.


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