The material and classification of jewelry display cases

Jewelry display cabinets are cabinets used to display jewelry. Divided into glass, metal, wood and other materials. Jewelry display cabinets have exquisite appearance, solid structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. They are widely used in company exhibition halls, exhibitions, department stores, advertisements, etc., and are widely used in the jewelry industry.


1. The role of jewelry display cabinets

(1) Convey product information: 

        Including styles, prices, materials, etc. that consumers care about, which can easily make consumers identify with the brand and make consumers remember the product features and brand.

(2) Increase sales:

        Looking at traditional brand-name jewelry, especially imported brand-name products, their sales mainly rely on jewelry display cabinets. The sales channels it has established are also terminal jewelry showcases in multiple large shopping malls in the same city. It is rare to see imported products circulating in the wholesale market. Help beautify the environment, attract customers, increase sales, and enhance store image.

(3) Increase brand awareness:

        Set up brand jewelry display cabinets in large terminals in cities to meet consumers with a unified image, unified prices, and unified policies, and give consumers a complete brand concept. Setting up jewelry display cabinets in multiple large shopping malls in the same city can greatly enhance the brand image of the product. Enhance brand image, expand brand awareness, increase sales opportunities, and strengthen communication with consumers.

(4) Demonstrate functionality:

        In a market, setting up jewelry display cabinets in the center is helpful for product display and reminder. This can be extended to a large number of terminal displays. The role of setting up jewelry display cabinets in prominent locations in large shopping malls is even more obvious. Highlight key products, new products or promotional products to achieve specific sales targets.


2. Jewelry display cabinet material:

(1) Material selection: 

       MDF, solid wood board, plywood, etc.

(2) Lighting options: 

        LED lights, spotlights, ordinary bracket lights, cold light source lights, warm color lights. (Note: During the production process of jewelry display cabinets, cold light sources are often used in the display cabinets, because warm-colored lights will make the space hot and affect the user experience).

(3) Design description: 

        There is no fixed standard, it can be shaped arbitrarily, and each component can be flexibly disassembled and installed. This product is available in a variety of color combinations. The styles are ever-changing, the overall effect is noble and elegant, the design is unique, unconventional, and well-made. It is the best display furniture for exhibitions, shopping malls, and specialty stores. It can be made into standard or special-shaped display cabinets according to product needs and floor location. Seizing the characteristics of beauty, elegance and simplicity to design, the product shape is elegant, fashionable, noble and elegant.

(4) Surface treatment: 

       Choose high-grade environmentally friendly paint, which has smooth feel, uniform color, good gloss, and optional bright and matte finishes.

(5) Internal structure: 

       Hardware accessories and display cabinets are perfectly combined.

(6) Toe kick

       Covered with stainless steel to protect the display cabinet, extend service life and improve aesthetics.


3. Classification of the jewelry display cabinet

(1) Classification by displayed products:

a. Gold jewelry display cabinets

Gold jewelry is exquisitely crafted and wears luxuriously. It is the most popular jewelry of choice for weddings in my country. As the sales of gold jewelry increase every year, it also promotes the development of jewelry display cabinets, from the initial single display to the current overall artistic design awareness. And the improvement of anti-theft technology all reflects that modern technology also drives the development of the entire industry chain.

b. Gem jewelry display cabinets

Gemstones have more types of ingredients than other metal mineral jewelry, such as ruby, sapphire, diaspore, sphene, garnet, tourmaline, etc. The above types of gemstones are known as fashionable items, so most gemstone counters are designed with fashionable designs in mind, such as bright, simple and elegant colors.

c. Collection jewelry display cabinets

There are many museums across the country, but there are still very few jewelry museums, and even fewer private jewelry museums. Collections and jewelry are rare. In terms of display cabinet design, spacious viewing angles and lighting design are important.

d. Jade jewelry display cabinets

Chinese people have been fond of jade since ancient times, and their love for jade is no less than that of other types of jewelry. In today’s rapidly developing era, jade has always been integrated with culture, art, religion and other fields with its unique charm. Most of its display cabinets are designed with Design techniques such as retro and elegance strive to reflect modern people’s aesthetic taste for jade.


(2) Classification by material:

a. Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet

Stainless steel can be electroplated in colors. Commonly used colors include brushed bronze, brushed titanium, brushed rose gold, bronze, etc. These colors will appear more dazzling under the effect of lights! The blending of stainless steel electroplating and other plates will make the colors appear richer. Under the background of lights, the contrast and coordination of colors will become more obvious. The stainless steel electroplated jewelry counter gives people the impression of being beautiful and high-end, the overall structure is grand, and it has the effect of attracting customers’ attention! However, its cost is relatively high.

b. Baking paint jewelry display cabinet

The color of the baking paint jewelry display cabinet can be chosen at will. It is smooth, beautiful, high-end and has a strong visual impact. It has good moisture-proof and waterproof properties and is not afraid of humid weather. It has strong anti-fouling ability and does not leak oil, which means that dirt is easy to clean and it is also corrosion-resistant. No edge sealing required.

The disadvantages of baking paint technology are the high level of craftsmanship required, the process is complex, and the cycle is long. This requires higher technical requirements for manufacturers and the price is relatively high. Like the surface of a car, the paint display cabinet is afraid of being bumped and scratched by hard objects. It should be well maintained and bumped. Long-term oil fumes will cause a certain color difference in the paint display cabinets.

c. Glass jewelry display cabinet

Glass jewelry display cabinets, as the name suggests, are cabinets made of glass. They are transparent and convenient for purchase. They are often used in major shopping malls and other places to display items. Compared with display cabinets made of other materials, glass display cabinets have a good visual sense. Under the illumination of light, they and the products appear more bright and bright, making it easy to catch customers’ attention. Glass display cabinets are transparent and beautiful in appearance, making it easier to display products to customers.

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