Jewelry store decoration precautions and design style

Jewelry is a precious thing and is easy to corrode. Jewelry display cabinets are the carrier of jewelry, so the overall decoration of our jewelry store must be green and environmentally friendly. What we call environmentally friendly decoration means that in addition to environmentally friendly panels and paint, we also need to carry out comprehensive renovation and greening and beautification of the surrounding environment. Lay a good foundation for the economy, safety, environmental protection and comfort of jewelry store operations.

The ultimate purpose of jewelry store decoration is to sell jewelry and create a good consumption environment for customers. Creating a store environment mainly starts with lighting. Do not shine the light directly into people’s eyes, otherwise it will be completely transparent and cannot bring out the dazzling brightness of the jewelry. The lighting should be illuminated through diffuse reflection, and the sofa should be relaxed and comfortable to provide customers with beautiful enjoyment.

The design of jewelry stores keeps up with the times, uses the latest trendy design concepts, highlights the subjectivity and personality of jewelry store operations, and meets the psychological needs of customers who pursue perfection and comfort in a fast-paced society. The color of the jewelry store should match the theme decoration style.


1. Precautions for jewelry store decoration design

(1) Appearance design highlights the focus

For jewelry store decoration design, the most important thing is to highlight the center of gravity and quickly attract consumers’ attention, making people want to come in and take a look when they see the sign. This is mainly reflected in the appearance design of jewelry stores, such as logo design, door appearance design, lighting design, etc., which all require certain decoration skills.


(2) Jewelry store functional division design

For the interior decoration of a jewelry store, it is necessary to plan the indoor functional areas, such as the cashier, display cabinets, reception rooms, etc., all need to be systematically planned and laid out. Just like an ordinary jewelry store, the entire store The apartment is rectangular, so the design is planned at equal distances. From the door to the interior, there are showrooms, cashiers, negotiation rooms, jewelry processing rooms, etc.


2. How to decorate a jewelry store?

(1) Jewelry showcase design

For jewelry store ceiling decoration, if you just want a simple decoration, the design should not be too exaggerated, just a tiled design, coupled with the decoration of ceiling lamps, suspended ceilings and spotlights, will enhance the indoor lighting effect and add The various jewelry displayed in the upper display cabinets instantly make the entire jewelry store dazzling.


(2) Jewelry store wall decoration

For jewelry store wall decoration, it is best to design according to the overall decoration style of the jewelry store. For example, in the decoration in the case, the overall decoration style is mainly Southeast Asian decoration style, so the wall decoration is decorated with the characteristics of Southeast Asia. , highlighting the coordinated beauty and comfort of the overall decoration.


3. Jewelry store design style classification

(1) Modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist style is one of the current mainstream design styles. Simplicity and practicality are the basic characteristics of modern minimalist style. It emphasizes functional design, simple and smooth lines, and strong color contrast. The modern minimalist style not only pays attention to the practicality of space, but also reflects the delicacy and individuality of modern social life, conforms to the taste of modern people, and shows a deeper charm in simple decoration.


Modern minimalist style design elements

a. Use regular geometric shapes as design elements, and mostly use straight lines.

b. Use black, white, gray and other intermediate colors as the base color, express the connotation through color blocks, and use red, yellow, blue, green and other relatively bright and bright colors to enhance sensory stimulation.

c. Use glass, metal, steel structure and other materials to reflect the exquisiteness of the space.


(2) Chinese classical style

Chinese style is a relatively classic design style. It is magnificent, magnificent and luxurious. It takes dignity and Zen as the main design tone. Through the characteristics of Chinese classical interior style, it expresses the pursuit of the oriental spiritual realm of elegance, subtlety, dignity and luxury. This This style of decoration is more expensive, but full of charm.


(3) Chinese classical style design elements

a. Pay attention to symmetry, uprightness and stability, elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, and advocate natural taste in decorative details. Flowers, birds, fish and insects are carefully crafted and full of changes, which fully reflects the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

b. The main colors are black, red, yellow, etc., which are mature and calm.

c. The materials are mostly wood, and the decorations often use calligraphy and painting, plaques, porcelain, antiques, screens, ancient shelves, etc.


(4) New Chinese style

New Chinese style is the continuation of Chinese style in a modern context. It organically combines modern elements with traditional elements to create traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people. It mainly emphasizes order and clarity, balanced structure, well-proportioned and elegant music, creating a quiet and elegant atmosphere. Although it continues the Chinese style, it does not copy Chinese classicism and pursues the true revival of ancient art forms.


New Chinese style design elements

a. Use simple and strong straight lines.

b. The colors are mainly wood colors, such as imitation rosewood and rosewood.

c. Most of them are made of wood, combined with modern materials, so that the interior decoration pays more attention to the change of materials and the integrity of the space.


(5) European classical style

European-style decoration is magnificent, and many gorgeous and noble design elements will be added, such as plaster lines, ceramic tiles on the walls, crystal chandeliers, etc., which are more common in European design. A large light pool is used at the top, and gorgeous chandeliers are used to create an atmosphere. The upper half of the doors and windows are mostly made into arc shapes and edged with patterned stone bone lines. The walls are made of wallpaper or latex paint, and the ground materials are made of stone or The floor creates a luxurious and distinguished atmosphere. However, this design is not suitable for small apartments, and is generally suitable for large apartments.


European classical style design elements

a. Use European arc-shaped lines to outline different decorative shapes, which are magnificent and elegant.

b. Mainly use darker tones such as yellow and dark red, mixed with a small amount of white, gold, and silver to make the overall look bright, generous, and extraordinary.

c. Use antique floor tiles, European wallpaper, marble, and large mirrors for decoration, and make extensive use of garlands, bouquets, bows and arrows, and shell patterns, etc., emphasizing the overall characteristics of a steady, luxurious and comfortable style.

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