How to display jewelry props on the counter?

Merchandise display has two properties:

A. For people to watch and browse;

B. Make people want to buy. This classification is based on the customer’s psychological process, and the customer’s psychological movement is summarized as follows:

Gaze – feel interested – associate – generate desire – compare and measure – trust – decide on action – satisfy eight stages. At present, the main methods used are symmetry method, contrast method and rhythm method.

1. The symmetry method means that jewelry is arranged according to the principle of symmetry, and its subdivision can be divided into the axial symmetry method and the central symmetry method. The axial symmetry method uses the center line of the counter top as the axis of symmetry, and the jewelry on both sides is symmetrical. Common patterns include rectangles, trapezoids and various combinations. Central symmetry means that jewelry is arranged symmetrically around a certain center. Common shapes include circles and radials.

2. The contrast method is to subtly combine two or more jewelry packaging props of different colors and shapes to create a sharp visual difference in people’s eyes, thereby highlighting and exaggerating the role of the theme jewelry. Contrast display is mainly reflected in several aspects such as color contrast, texture contrast, style contrast, etc.

3. Rhythm method: “Rhythm” is originally the beauty of rhythm in music theory, and is extended to the concept of time and space in jewelry furnishings. This reminds us from a rational perspective to make full use of the suppression, uplift, pause, and frustration in vocal music when conceiving, designing, and implementing furnishings. According to the principle, the counter furnishings should be as bright as possible in contrasting colors, densely arranged, and with obvious three-dimensional effects.

  Color matching

Color is one of the important features of jewelry counters. When decorating, attention should be paid to the color matching of jewelry, jewelry props, and counters.

Match the color of props with the color of the counter: The color of the props should be harmonious with the overall color of the counter. For example, the overall color of the store is pink, and the selected props such as the tray for inserting rings can be white lined and pink framed, which is consistent with the overall color of the counter. , without hindering the placement of jewelry.

Color matching of props and jewelry: The color of the props should be able to highlight the color of the jewelry. Contrasting colors or harmonious colors can be used to highlight the jewelry. There are several common matching methods in the domestic market. Use a black velvet tray to hold platinum-set diamond jewelry, and the black and white contrast highlights the bright light of the diamonds. Tray with white lining and red border.

Counter decoration

a) Counter decoration:

In order to make the renovated counter more vivid and dynamic, flowers, leaves and other plants, vases, stones, etc. can be placed in the space of the tray.

b) Wall decoration:

The walls of jewelry sales venues are a great place for promotion. Wall decoration should pay attention to the shaping of corporate image, product image, brand image and service image. An appropriate amount of jewelry brand posters, corporate logos, corporate service announcements, etc. can be posted on the wall to increase customers’ awareness and impression of the company and its products.

Counter lighting

Lighting can highlight the shape, color, and texture of the products displayed in the store and attract customers’ attention to the products. The lighting configuration of jewelry counters requires scientific and reasonable lighting. Generally speaking: warm-toned gems such as jade and ruby require yellow lights; cold-toned gems such as diamonds and light blue require white lights; opals, pearls, jade and other volatile The gem of water requires a small water cup to be installed on the counter to maintain a certain humidity, and the light temperature should not be too high.

Basic requirements for counter furnishings

Basic requirements: reasonable positioning, prominent themes, rich products, clean and beautiful.

1. Reasonable positioning:

Positioning is to determine the style and grade of jewelry product counter design and display. The style and grade of jewelry product counter design and furnishings should be consistent with the style and grade of the entire store. As a high-end boutique jewelry store, the display should highlight luxury and sophistication, and emphasize the artistic atmosphere. As a jewelry store that is generally open to the public, the product display should be rich and detailed, so that consumers can feel that they can afford it and that it is affordable. .

2. Prominent theme:

The theme requires that the main body of the jewelry counter arrangement and display be clear, so that customers can clearly understand at a glance what kind of counter this is. To highlight the main body, the products should be classified and placed in an orderly manner, and there should always be special counters and special areas. , making the sales entity clear at a glance. Common classification methods are as follows:

a. Special counters and special areas are set up according to major categories and jewelry varieties. Such as gold jewelry counters, diamond counters, and jade counters.

b. Set up special counters based on jewelry styles or fashion trends. It includes popular jewelry series counters and traditional jewelry series counters.

3. Rich commodities: 

Rich commodities refer to the rich and substantial display of goods on the counter; complete varieties, specifications, formats and sufficient quantity. To make the display of goods on the counter rich, the density of goods types and the proportion of main and auxiliary goods should be followed.

4. Neat and elegant:

Neat means neat and clean. The jewelry display props and jewelry placed on the counter are clean, neat and elegant. It is required that the color matching of merchandise props and other items is harmonious and the placement is exquisite. Jewelry packaging accessories such as jewelry boxes and handbags can highlight your company’s corporate image and class.

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