Cleaning and maintenance of different types of jewelry

With the progress of the times, living conditions are getting better and better. Now people go out with different jewelry, but many people know how to match but don’t know how to maintain or clean jewelry. In order for your jewelry to always shine, the editor will teach you some different methods of cleaning and maintaining jewelry.

Gold cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance: Gold jewelry maintenance should pay attention to avoid chemical substances, similar to cosmetics, perfume, hair wax, etc., because these will chemically react with gold. In addition, because gold is relatively soft, do not pull on jewelry such as necklaces when wearing them, as they are prone to deformation. Store it separately when not wearing it, and do not put it together with other jewelry to avoid collisions and scratches. Special attention should be paid to this unnecessary trouble.

Cleaning: Gold jewelry can be cleaned and wiped with gold cleaner, which is the simplest and most convenient. Or you can configure it yourself, dilute the soap, then soak the gold jewelry in it, then wash it with cleaning, and finally wipe it with a soft cloth.

If the color of the gold has changed and black spots appear, we can use 6 grams of table salt, 21 grams of baking soda, 24 grams of bleaching powder, and 180 ml of water, then put the gold jewelry in and soak for 1-2 hours, and finally take it out and use it again. Wipe it with clean water to remove the black gold spots. If it is still not removed, you need to send it to a jewelry repair shop for specialized cleaning.

Silver cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance: Silver maintenance is very simple. You need to pay attention to keeping silver jewelry dry. Silver jewelry cannot be worn for swimming or bathing. In addition, silver is very prone to oxidation reactions, so when wearing silver jewelry, it should be sealed and stored.

Cleaning: For daily cleaning of silver jewelry, we can simply clean it, but the cleaning time should not be too long. If the silver jewelry has turned yellow, we can use toothpaste and a little water to wipe it with a toothbrush to wipe off the yellowed part, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Or you can soak it in silver washing water, take it out after soaking for a while, and then clean it with clean water, which can basically restore the luster of silver jewelry.

Pearl cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance: Pearl maintenance should be very careful, because the chemical stability of pearls is very poor, and chemical reactions are prone to occur. First of all, when wearing pearl jewelry, keep away from oil fumes, because oil fumes will enter the tiny pores on the surface of pearls and tend to turn yellow. Also stay away from acid and alkali chemicals, as these can easily cause pearls to turn yellow. In addition, you need to avoid exposure to the sun to prevent the moisture in the pearls from being exposed.

Cleaning: Many people think that cleaning pearls can be done by soaking in water, but this is actually wrong. Pearl jewelry is also afraid of water, because water can enter the pores of the beads, which is not only difficult to wipe dry, but may also cause fermentation inside. The beads may also turn green. To clean pearls, you can use a cashmere cloth to wipe the jewelry. If the pearl jewelry is dirty, you can use a soft cloth with a little water to wipe it gently. Remember to dry it with a cashmere cloth after wiping.

Diamond cleaning and maintenance

1) Place it alone and avoid mixing it with other gemstones;

2) Avoid high temperatures above 100C to prevent excessive temperature from damaging the diamond itself;

3) Because diamonds are lipophilic and hydrophobic, you need to avoid oil stains and stains when wearing them;

4) When wearing diamond jewelry, avoid doing heavy physical work or strenuous physical activities to avoid damage to the diamond surface;

6) Diamonds need regular cleaning;

a) For professional cleaning, you can go to a professional jewelry store for ultrasonic cleaning;

b) For home cleaning, you can clean it at home with a soft-bristled brush dipped in diluted cleaning solution.

18k gold cleaning and maintenance

1) 18K gold should avoid direct contact with highly volatile and chemical substances such as detergents, perfumes, sea water, and avoid entanglement of hair or friction with hard objects.

2) When wearing 18K gold, do not participate in strenuous activities. Because strenuous activities can easily cause damage to the pendant or deform it and hurt people, it may also cause corrosion of sweat.

3) Before wearing 18K gold, carefully check the key parts of the jewelry, such as chain links, buckles, etc., to avoid falling off.

4) Do not touch the diamond surface of 18K gold with your hands or other skin, you can use clean paper or oil-absorbing cosmetic paper to wipe it.

5) When 18K gold is not suitable for wearing, it must be carefully placed in the jewelry box. Diamond jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratches caused by friction with other jewelry.

6) Ask a professional to check your diamond jewelry once a year to see if the inlaid tooth feet are firm.

Platinum cleaning and maintenance

When you are doing housework, do not let the platinum jewelry you wear get stained with oil or bleach. Oil will affect the luster of the jewelry; bleach may cause spots on the jewelry.

Although you want to be eye-catching when you are young, you must not wear platinum jewelry and gold jewelry at the same time, because the texture of gold is soft. If they rub against each other, the gold powder will be adsorbed on the platinum, causing the platinum to turn yellow and affecting the unique pure luster of platinum. .

If worn frequently, platinum jewelry should be cleaned as much as possible once a month to maintain its shiny luster. It can be cleaned with a special jewelry cleaner, or it can be cleaned by itself. The correct method is: squeeze the toothpaste onto a towel and rub it, rub the platinum jewelry back and forth with your hands to remove fine lines and dirt on the surface, then clean it with diluted household dishwashing liquid, and then rinse it with water. , the luster can be restored to like new. If your platinum jewelry is set with diamonds, it is recommended that you send the platinum jewelry to a jewelry store for inspection every year and have it professionally cleaned and renovated in a timely manner so that the platinum and diamond jewelry can be worn as new as possible.

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