The features of stainless steel jewelry display cabinets

After years of development and accumulation, the stainless steel jewelry display cabinet has ushered in the moment of explosion. The high degree of refinement of workmanship and the reduction of manufacturing costs make the stainless steel jewelry display cabinets acceptable to most businesses, and the relatively high grade is especially in line with high-end positioning.


When customers buy jewelry, they will find that the display cabinets are different, and the display effect brought to jewelry is also different. Generally, people will choose display cabinets that add color to jewelry, which can attract customers and increase sales. Stainless steel jewelry display cabinets are a very popular material nowadays, so what are the characteristics of display cabinets produced from this material?


Stainless steel jewelry display cabinets have a bright surface and are easy to maintain. Their main advantages include their corrosion resistance and their use in harsh environments. It has fire resistance and heat resistance, can resist scaling, and maintains strength at high temperatures.

The stainless steel jewelry display cabinet gives people the impression that it is beautiful and high-end, and the overall structure is magnificent. Although its cost is relatively high, its potential commercial value cannot be ignored.

In terms of the color of the stainless steel jewelry display cabinet, rose gold, titanium gold, champagne gold and so on belong to the fashionable and atmospheric color system, while the bronze color is calm, restrained and rich in connotation. It is often used in the display of museums, jewelry, cosmetics, clocks and watches, mobile phone display cabinets, etc. You can choose the color that suits you according to the type and style of the product.


1. Material composition of showcases

The material used in the stainless steel jewelry display cabinet is composed of acid-resistant steel and stainless steel. The former is resistant to chemical medium corrosion, and the latter is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. The combination of these two materials has become a more popular display cabinet at present. Material.


2. Guarantee long service life

Ordinary jewelry display cabinets should be made of wooden materials, which have poor corrosion resistance, so problems will occur after a period of time. However, the stainless steel jewelry display cabinet uses materials with strong corrosion resistance, which can avoid the problem of cracking during use. Even if it is used at high temperature, stainless steel can persist without any damage. In addition, the density of the material makes it have a moisture-proof effect, even in humid air, there is no need to worry about problems with the cabinet.


3. Add new elements to create a trendy style

Stainless steel materials are easy to shape, so you can add some new design elements to create a relatively novel style. In addition, stainless steel jewelry display cabinets can also reveal a modern atmosphere, which is more suitable for matching the cool temperament of diamonds and jewelry. In addition, the counter material is environmentally friendly and healthy, so there is no need to worry about other harm.


Most people’s knowledge and understanding of stainless steel jewelry display cabinets may be limited to its surface shape and use to display products, but they don’t know much about some of its basic characteristics or measurement standards. In this way, most customers will only choose according to the shape and display effect when choosing stainless steel display cabinets, thus ignoring some more important content. Therefore, here let us briefly introduce some design standards for stainless steel jewelry display cabinets.



This is the symbol of fashionable stainless steel jewelry display cabinets and the basic content for measuring the fashionability of display cabinets. Compared with traditional display cabinets, titanium alloy stainless steel jewelry display cabinets are designed with relatively more stainless steel and metal elements, which are more suitable for the aesthetics of modern young people, avoid the obsolescence and boringness of traditional display cabinets, and bring people A refreshing visual enjoyment.



Since there are many functional requirements for display cabinets, stainless steel jewelry display cabinets will also strengthen their functionality when designing. Taking the general boutique showcase as an example, its functionality mainly reflects the display effect and storage. In addition to the outstanding display effect, many storage cabinets should also be added to it to ensure flexibility and functionality while being beautiful. Diverse.


More humane

Stainless steel display cabinets should not only pay attention to beautiful appearance, but also pay attention to practicality, applicability and environmental protection. After all, display cabinets can only be used to display products and can reflect their value. In the process of use, what everyone pays most attention to is its humanized features. It is more convenient to use, more practical and environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It is also one of the important standards for titanium alloy stainless steel jewelry display cabinets.

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