In addition to paying attention to the design and production effects of various display cases in jewelry stores, there are also a lot of design concerns and requirements for the cashier of jewelry stores. In addition to the function of cashier counter, the cashier desk of jewelry store also has many additional functions. The following requirements should be paid attention to in the design and production.

Original price was: $4,500.00.Current price is: $4,200.00.
Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,100.00.
Original price was: $880.00.Current price is: $650.00.
Original price was: $4,200.00.Current price is: $3,580.00.

1. Consider aesthetics reasonably

The design of the cash wrap counter for the jewelry store we should consider security and functionality, but also need to consider the beauty and reasonable. Because after all, as a jewelry store facade in the design of the cashier must be high-end atmosphere, while the whole table design should be wider, so as to facilitate the usual display of various items, and particularly neat.

2. Internal space meets requirements

The interior space design of the cashier desk of jewelry store should meet the needs, such as cash and various bills, and many important items can be stored in the cashier desk, which has high requirements on the interior space structure design. Each spatial structure design should meet the actual functional requirements in order to avoid affecting the use effect.

3. The size should be reasonable

According to the characteristics of the internal space structure and decoration style of the jewelry store design, so as to choose the right size. The checkout counter in a jewelry store should not be too big, but also not too small. The size and shape will depend on the size of your store and how you use cash packaging. At the very least, you need to have enough counter space for a cash register and enough room for customers to buy items and write checks. The size of the cashier can be set according to the number of staff working in the area.

The cashier counter is a work area and an important part of your jewelry store. Cashier design represents the overall style and brand characteristics of the jewelry store, we need to pay special attention to this aspect. What are the specific categories of cash registers? We will introduce the material, styling style and product positioning respectively. I hope you find it helpful.

First, the cash wrap counter for the jewelry store must be functional and beautifully designed. Although the material is determined according to the design, we must also carefully choose the material. Because the same design, if the use of different materials, the effect will be very different.

MDF with baking paint

MDF is a base material for many kinds of store furniture. It can be cut to different shapes and we can use it to make complete crafts. The surface finish is baking paint which is very smooth and glossy. We can make it with any colors you want to match a whole jewelry store style.

Plywood with laminate

If you have requirements for the material need to be fireproof we can use plywood with laminate. This is a more strong and hard material. The color is bright, the sealing forms are various, with wear resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to penetration, easy to clean, moisture-proof, do not fade, delicate touch, affordable, etc.

Veneer with varnish

Veneer is a kind of surface material used for interior decoration or furniture manufacturing, which is made of natural wood or technical wood planed into a certain thickness, adhered to the surface of plywood and then pressed hot. Common veneer panels are divided into natural wood veneer panels and man-made thin wood veneer panels.

The appearance difference between artificial thin wood veneer and natural wood veneer is that the texture of the former is basically straight grain or regular pattern. The latter is a natural wood pattern with natural texture pattern, large variability and no rules. Its features: it not only has the beautiful pattern of wood, but also makes full use of wood resources and reduces the cost.

Stainless steel & Metal

Stainless steel store furniture have bright surfaces and are easy to maintain. Their main advantages include their corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh environments. It has the characteristics of fire resistance and heat resistance, can resist scaling, maintain strength at high temperature, etc. At the same time stainless steel material is more durable, do not fade. Stainless steel glass showcase gives a person the feeling is beautiful high-grade, the overall structure atmosphere, although its cost is relatively high, but its potential commercial value can not be ignored.

Stainless steel color, rose gold, titanium gold, champagne gold belong to the fashion atmosphere color system, and copper according to calm, introverted, rich connotation. Often used in museum, jewelry, cosmetics, watches, mobile phone display cabinets and other display, you can choose your own color according to the type and style of product positioning.


Just because it has to be functional doesn't mean your cash-packing counter has to be boring. As long as the design fits your needs and matches the brand of the store, it doesn't matter if it's simple and sleek, or downright fun. With almost unlimited design and material options, your cash wrap can easily attract the customers eyes. Consistent branding is essential. So while it's okay to be unusual, it's not okay to deviate from the jewelry store theme.