Benefits and cleaning methods of gold jewelry

Many people like to dress up and buy some beautiful jewelry to decorate themselves, such as gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry. Most of the sterling silver jewelry on our market is 925 sterling silver. The price of sterling silver jewelry is relatively low, and the style is also very beautiful, so it is loved by many people. However, the color of sterling silver jewelry is more like gold. Said, it is not as bright as the color of gold jewelry.

For some young people, they prefer silver jewelry, but for middle-aged and elderly people, gold jewelry looks more stable and upscale. Gold jewelry is loved by many middle-aged and elderly people. First of all, gold jewelry has a very good decorative effect for us. Compared with silver jewelry, the color of gold jewelry is brighter yellow. Since ancient times, the royal family and nobles have regarded yellow as the most noble color, so gold jewelry is naturally It has become the most noble jewelry.


Benefits of Wearing Gold Beads Jewelry

1. Gold has antioxidant effects.

Gold can resist corrosion and oxidation, and has health care functions for the human body. Not only can it reduce inflammation, but it can also massage acupoints through friction with the skin. Gold necklaces can always be in a state of friction with the skin, which can not only reduce neck lines, but also promote blood circulation in the body, and can also reduce the chance of skin infection.

Until now, many of our female friends often wear some gold jewelry to enhance their temperament and make them look more noble and elegant. Furthermore, gold itself has very good antioxidant properties, which will inhibit the inhalation of excessive antioxidant properties in the body, thereby reducing the erosion and damage of these substances to the human body.

Over time, for female friends who often wear gold jewelry It will have a good detoxification effect, delay sun aging, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on facial skin. However, many people have different allergies when wearing gold jewelry, which is also determined by the individual’s constitution.


2. Gold has the effect of calming the heart, liver and nerves.

Experts believe that gold can “benefits the five internal organs.” In fact, appropriate amounts of “gold” are also added to traditional Chinese medicine, such as adding a gold coat to pills or stamping them with a gold stamp, which can be used to better treat symptoms such as palpitation, insomnia, fever, etc. .

Because a large part of the reason for impatience is the presence of evil fire in the body. You usually dont feel anything, but over time, it will inevitably affect the heart, liver and other organs, causing insomnia, forgetfulness, headaches and many other discomforts. Wearing gold jewelry on a daily basis can Play a preventive role.


3. Beauty, anti-inflammatory and skin care.

Many beauty and skin care products contain gold powder, and there are even facial masks that can be used on the face. It turns out that gold also has a beautifying effect. Isnt it amazing? The antioxidant effect of gold will inhibit the human body from producing a large amount of peroxides and free radicals, reduce the invasion of harmful substances, and has a certain anti-aging effect, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles on facial skin.

Warm reminder: The “gold” of “gold-plated” jewelry contains nickel metal or chromium ions. The moisture in sweat can dissolve a small amount of nickel on the surface of jewelry, which may cause allergic reactions after being absorbed by the skin. Therefore, buying real gold can play a role in health care.


4. To ward off evil spirits and ensure peace, a beautiful meaning.

In addition to the physical benefits, the benefits of wearing gold jewelry are also reflected in exorcism and calming. Since ancient times, gold has been used to ward off evil spirits and maintain health. Therefore, women who often wear gold jewelry can ward off evil spirits and keep safe.

Gold also has a better meaning of restoring wealth and good luck. Although this cannot be scientifically certified, it is It is also peoples traditional folk custom and must be passed down forever. We often see some people matching children with gold Buddhas, gold luck beads, etc. It is said that this has the effect of ensuring safety, especially when worn in the year of one’s own life, it can turn bad luck into good luck. In fact, this is just a traditional folk saying, but it is also the beautiful meaning that people give to gold.


5. Improve personal temperament.

They say gold goes with beauties and swords go with heroes. There are only lazy women in the world, but there are no women who dont love beauty. Wearing gold jewelry can make women more confident and reflect a different kind of beauty.

Gold rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold earrings, etc. are made with the designer’s ingenuity and modern craftsmanship. Their exquisiteness is not inferior to other metals. They are not only beautiful and elegant, but also noble and elegant.


6. The role of value preservation and inheritance.

Precisely because gold is very noble, it also has a certain value-preserving effect. Even ancient people would store a lot of gold in their homes. The price of gold is more expensive, so compared with silver jewelry, its value-preserving property is much higher. Some people think that gold jewelry does not have the function of preserving value because it is a consumer product.

In addition to the value of the gold itself, other costs such as design fees are attached, and it is not as valuable as gold coins and gold bars. Among consumer goods, compared with many other materials, gold jewelry is not easily oxidized and deformed. It has the function of preserving value, and some can be used as family heirlooms.


Although regular wearing of gold jewelry has many benefits for human health, one disadvantage of gold is that the texture of gold itself is very soft, so after wearing it for a period of time, gold jewelry will deform and turn black.

So when we wear gold jewelry, we should pay attention to some small details of life. For example, it is best not to wear gold jewelry when we usually wash our hands and take a shower. After all, these toiletries contain a lot of chemical reagents, which will cause gold damage. Decorated with a certain corrosive effect.


How to clean gold jewelry:

1. To protect the luster of gold jewelry, apply a thin layer of nail polish on it.

2. If there is a black silver film on the surface, you can use 2 grams of table salt, 7 grams of baking soda, 8 grams of bleaching powder, and 60 ml of water to prepare a “gold cleaning agent”. Put the gold jewelry in a bowl and pour it into the cleaning agent. After 2 hours, take out the gold jewelry, rinse it with water, bury it in sawdust to dry, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

3. For a ring set with gemstones, tie a piece of cotton with a popsicle stick or a match, moisten it in a mixture of toilet water and glycerin, scrub the frame of the gemstone, and then polish the ring with a flannel cloth. Do not use sharp objects such as razors to scrape.

4. Mix salt and vinegar into a cleaning agent and use it to wipe pure gold jewelry to make it look new for a long time.

5. Wiping with toothpaste or scrubbing with hot thick rice soup can also restore the luster.

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