Because of the beauty, quality and timeless appearance of the tower display case, they are always the best choice for retailers, schools and museums. Their regular square shape means they can be placed against a wall, in a corner or in the middle of a storefront. The perfect solution, no matter the store layout. Most of these tower display cases are rimless, but give the impression of a sleek, understated design. While providing the benefit of increased visibility, the four square shelves are the ideal size for displaying big-ticket items. Such as vases, fine jewelry or works of art. Bright LED lights provide a dazzling sheen to display items inside, drawing the eye of onlookers.

Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $850.00.



Our tower display showcase we use MDF ( medium density fiberboard ) for the basic material and surface finish is good paint finish. The advantage of using MDF is this material can be made with many different shapes. Such as, curve shape, square shape, hexagon shape and other shapes that are difficult to make. It is much more affordable than solid wood, a paint surface is easy to clean and long time used. The MDF construction saves money on material cost and labor cost. This is the most cost-effective option.

Laminate & Veneer

If you want other color we can use veneer to let it to have a wood-grain pattern that mimics the appearance of a hand crafted wood finish. Or we can make a laminate finish both have pure color and wood color selections.

Metal & Stainless steel

Another option is metal or stainless steel material. This is the most high-end and expensive selection. We can make it metal with paint. If stainless steel we have some colors for selections. For example, gold, silver, black, bronze, rose gold and so on.


The glass material we usually use these two kinds of material. One is tempered glass, another one is ultra-clear tempered glass. The normal tempered glass material, the surface finish is green color. But the ultra-clear tempered glass surface finish is light blue color like a sapphire blue. The thickness of these two kinds of glass material has 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. If more thicker the weight will be more heavy.

The glass material we will use it for the door, shelves, top and sides. A good glass material is very necessary when used in public settings. Tempered glass is safer and more rugged than untreated glass. Tempered glass will shatter into small, even chunks that are easy to sweep up, compared to untreated glass that shatters into rigid shards, posing a huge safety hazard. All glass shelves are adjustable and can be set at any height using sliding pins along vertical channels in each corner of the display case. You can adjust the height of the glass shelf according to the size of your product.



① Interior lights - Use perfect lighting and optional spotlights for additional enhancements. All of our glass tower display case fixtures have LED lights. LED lighting is the preferred energy saving light source for jewelry display, so that the displayed products shine. Usually we use spotlights on the top of the glass display shelves so that it can light up the bottom products.

② Secure lock - For all the display showcase we will install the secure lock. The brand of the lock we have Hattich, this is a german brand lock. So that you can lock it on the night when you finish the work.

③ Customize service - We provide the customize service for the tower display showcase. You can just check the size of the place you will put the tower display case. We will recommend the size to fit your location. The color also can be customize with any color you want. Meanwhile, if you want to add any decoration like the stickers or logo we can make them for you.


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