A countertop jewelry display showcase is a miniature display case that can be used to display small and delicate jewelry products. These countertop jewelry display cases offer specific amenities such as lighting and locking options, so we can make these jewelry countertop display cases as elegant and sophisticated as you want them to be. An effective countertop jewelry display case can stimulate impulse buying by effectively displaying. Use smaller, more elaborate jewelry items to increase sales. Designed with quality and function in mind, our countertop display cases are an effective complement to your jewelry store.

Our jewelry countertop showcases are elegant and durable for use, suitable for many different retail store environments. Jewelry Store Displays has a wide selection of countertop jewelry display cases. Our jewelry countertop display cases are perfect for displaying watches, earrings, bracelets, rings and other jewelry items. If you can't find the product you want on our website, please contact our professional sales team, you can send us the specific requirements and we can provide customized service for you.

Our perfect jewelry countertop display showcase is made of acrylic, stainless steel, glass or wood. You can use them to display any kind of jewelry, from earrings and bracelets to necklaces, rings and chains. Next, we will describe the classification and characteristics of the jewelry countertop display showcase in detail from the material, size and usage.

Main material: The material we will use for the jewelry display showcase are wood, stainless steel, metal, acrylic or glass. The basic material we usually use wood material, it has two kinds of wood material. One is MDF, another one is plywood. If you want pure color, we can use MDF then surface finishing is baking paint with the color you want. If you need wooden color, the material we can use plywood with wooden color laminate. Or veneer with varnish should be good. If the design have the frame we can use stainless steel or metal material both okay. We can choose the material according to your actual demand.

Other material like the glass or acrylic, hardware - lock with key, slide rail, track and so on. We will assemble a whole set in our factory, all can be lockable. Our standard model has the lighting, we can install it with the led strip light or spotlight. If you have any special requirement for the material, please feel free to let us know. We will try our best to fit your need.

Ø Product feature:

The advantage of the jewelry countertop display showcase is you can move it to the place you want easily. Because the countertop display showcase usually is small in size and simple in design. You can put this kind of countertop display showcase on the cashier counter area. And this area you can display some hot sale and popular attractive products. When the customer pay, they can see them and buy one of them.

Ø Suitable size:

Because the countertop display showcase need to put on the countertop, the size not suggest to make it so big. Our standard size is 300-500mm in length, 200-400mm in width and 300mm in height. The size is not fixed, we can customize it with the size you need. If you want to put on the counter, you can check your counter size and get back to us. We can discuss what size can be suitable for your counter.

Ø Main purpose:

The usage of the jewelry store countertop display showcase is we can use this kind of small unit to increase sales of the products. So we need to make it attractive enough and to be functional let it fully used for your jewelry store or other retail store.

The reason of customize the jewelry store showcase

Today's society is an era of the pursuit and worship of fashion products and high-end products, flamboyant personalized design, unique style characteristics, romantic environment are showing their greatest charm, in order to obtain more people's favor and pursuit. Jewelry showcase as this kind of high-end products, fashion products of the green leaf naturally also should give full play to its role and personality. Although the types, styles and colors of the present jewelry display cases are colorful, but no jeweler is through direct purchase of spot jewelry, the supply and demand of jewelry display cases are basically all customized. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows.

First, the demand of businesses for jewelry display cases is expected to be different, highlighting the style, highlighting the personality and the perfect integration of practical functions. Therefore, only through the design of custom to meet the conditions of the business. Moreover, each store has different requirements for the size of jewelry display cases, and ready-made jewelry display cases are difficult to meet the actual needs of different stores. Customized jewelry display case naturally occupies absolute advantage and customized can achieve the right size in a real sense.

Second, from the perspective of product characteristics, customized jewelry showcase can be designed according to the advantages and characteristics of the exhibits to produce a unique showcase, which plays a positive role in improving the store image and promoting corporate culture.

Third, customized jewelry display cabinets are very flexible in material selection. For the same style, the material can be changed according to the cost budget of the customer, such as the surface decoration material. And jewelry display case customization in style modeling can be completely according to their own ideas to produce. Personality design can be better play and innovation, according to the material collocation and material better decide its grade and quality, in a real sense to achieve tailored, exclusive own jewelry showcase.

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