For a jewelry store we can arrange a seating area then you must need to buy the sofa. How to choose a comfortable sofa is very important. We need to let the customer to feel relax when they feel tired. Jewelry Store Displays will guide you how to choose a suitable sofa for your jewelry shop.

First answer the first question, the jewelry store to choose what kind of sofa according to the size of the jewelry store space and decoration style to determine. So before choosing the sofa according to the decoration style and jewelry store space size combined with their favorite sofa style and designer communication. In order to choose the most suitable for your jewelry store sofa. The second question is what kind of sofa quality is good, choose the sofa personal advice or to experience it on the spot.


Online you can first look at the pictures to choose the style, and then go to the exhibition hall to experience it, sit down in person, and see whether the Angle of the sofa is comfortable, how soft and hard the cushion is, how the material fabric feels, and whether the details are fine.

These are pictures on the Internet can not be shown, good sofa is ergonomic design, and choose skin-friendly material fabric, so that people can feel relaxed sitting on the sofa. The sofa is "facade", the sofa is good or bad can improve the owner's taste and space of the senior sense, so the sofa is worth spending a little more budget furniture, spend more time to experience it is necessary.

Sofa material

1. Plant fiber: plant fiber is natural and environmental protection. Our general practical summer sofa cushions are made of plant fiber, comfortable to sit on, wicking sweat and breathing easily. Fine process, good toughness, not easy to break. Non-slip floor without gauze, anti-slip effect is good. Simple and affordable.

2. Pure cotton: pure cotton fabric sofa cushion feel good, not easy to pilling, sit up more comfortable. Cotton is suitable for winter use. The price is also cheaper than soft wool cloth, or cost-effective.

3. Linen: linen cushion, sofa made of natural materials, waterproof function, and has the advantages of friction resistance, high temperature resistance, fast heating and so on.

Its decorative and comfort is very strong, with good permeability. When used at room temperature, the effective temperature of human body can be reduced by 3 ~ 4 degrees Celsius.


Advantages and disadvantages of different materials sofa

① Leather sofa

Advantages: The feeling is good, high-grade. Leather fabric durable and easy to make, generally unaffected by dirt. Breathable, sedentary will not sweat stuffy.

Disadvantages: The skin is easy to sticky, cold in winter and hot in summer, not intimate. Strong thickness, will appear more bulky.


② Fabric sofa

Advantages: The style and color variety, can have a variety of color choice to decorate a style. Close to skin, non-stick, more breathable.

Disadvantages: The elasticity is not very good, not as comfortable as leather sofa. Not stain resistant, cleaning trouble. It is not waterproof and is less durable than other materials.


Decoration green environmental protection is not only the requirements of home decoration, but also the requirements of jewelry store decoration. It is one of the important goals of the renovation project to create a green and environment-friendly jewelry and diamond experience store and improve the supporting hidden works.

All supporting pipelines and equipment with low efficiency, high energy consumption and unfavorable to environmental protection shall be comprehensively renovated and the surrounding environment shall be greening, beautifying and brightening. And according to the overall layout, the concealed pipeline direction is adjusted accordingly, which lays a good foundation for the economy, safety, environmental protection and comfort of the overall operation of the jewelry diamond experience store.


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