A chair used in a jewelry store must have effective features in order to meet the demand. First of all, the chair in the work area for the employees This is because jewelers spend hours at work sitting in task chairs. Comfortable is so important that many manufacturers have designed them with unique ergonomic features to ensure jewelers can work long hours without any discomfort.

A good jewelry store stool will be adjustable to enable the jeweler to work comfortably at different heights and can be rotated to allow them to easily reach other areas of the table. For example, a jewelry store staff may need to lower the seat height to work in an area that comes into contact with the ring product, or they may need to raise the seat height to work in the area of the necklace product.

If the stool is too high or too low, it can cause back, neck and shoulder discomfort and even pain. Similarly, seats that are too wide or too narrow can be uncomfortable, while seats that are too shallow may not provide enough support for the thighs. Regarding seat height, many jewelers prefer adjustable stools to raise or lower the seat to suit their needs. Some chairs have an air lift that easily adjusts the height, while others have a simple lever that you can operate with one hand.


Material of the chair:

Leather leisure sofa chair: elegant style, general leather leisure chair is mainly composed of leather products and solid wood frame, elegant style and atmosphere. Leather is usually used on the sitting surface and inner back of the lounge chair, while artificial leather is generally used around and outside the back of the lounge chair.

Solid wood chair: Solid wood chair reveals natural and primitive beauty. With natural wood color, natural and free from chemical pollution, it is a healthy fashion choice. In the selection of materials, it mainly includes: zelkova, teak, maple, oak, ash, elm, poplar, pine and so on. Among them, Zelkova, and oak are rare.

Cloth leisure chair: As the name suggests is made of a variety of cloth leisure chair. In terms of style, it can be divided into European and American country style, modern fashion style, and neoclassical style. At present, the market is mainly in modern fashion style and European and American rural style. Modern fashion style cloth leisure chair general modeling simple, full of artistic sense.

Plastic wood chair: Plastic wood, also known as environmental plastic wood, is not a natural material, but a new material made by the mixture of plastic and wood pulp, the use of mold molding, so the production process is not restricted by the wood source material, can be freely played by the designer creative, and the use of plastic in outdoor use basically no deterioration phenomenon, fire is not burning. Life span more than ten years, durable.

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