Modern Jewelry Shop Interior Design With Custom Jewelry Retail Furniture

In today’s society, people are living a better and better life. The public has high requirements for jewelry, so the design style of jewelry stores, the shape of each counter and the lighting effect are particularly important at this time. Our company has a professional design and manufacturing factory, according to the needs of customers, we designed the following stores.

Storefront design display

This is a blue and white theme jewelry store decoration. We can see the acrylic logo decorated with LED light strips in front of the shop, and the display window with LED lights next to the door. Our store design philosophy is to attract the customer’s attention in the appearance first, so our decorations are essential in the appearance of the jewelry store. It’s like an enchanted white castle that makes you want to go inside and take another look.

Interior decoration

The color design of the store, the lighting on the ceiling and floor, and the decorations are amazing. The placement of each display shelf is carefully designed by our designers. Neat and uniform container placement makes people feel relaxed at the end of day.

Rest Area: It’s like being at home. The shopping experience is enhanced by allowing customers to have a rest space, where our shopping guides can better entertain and communicate with customers.It is a good design to have a relaxing corner, so as to give tired shopping people a rest. The decorations on the walls are also in keeping with the theme. The next time I choose a jewelry store, I will think of the store I will never forget.

Product Display area: The overall space is spacious and bright, the ceiling is the main light and several spotlights. The background wall is made of golden wooden slats. The counters of the exhibition area are mostly colored with gold and blue flannel, which echo the overall decoration style of the store. There are hanging cabinets, curved low cabinets, corner cabinets and vertical cabinets

Factory production

The following is the production diagram of our factory. The logo, color, shape and store design of the jewelry cabinet are designed by us for you. You can also customize these products, as long as you need, please contact our customer service at the first time.


LED light:Multi-angle spotlights with transformers  in different suitable hues to show the shine of the product itself.

Toughened glass: hard and beautiful, has a good display and protect the product function

MDF:Medium fiber board has a good extension function, is used as the top material of curved furniture, its fabric is strong, flat and durable

Matte and glossy paint: make the table more corrosion resistant, not easy to scratch. There are many colors and patterns to choose from.

Metal stainless steel edge: in the cabinet kick and table edge decoration circle, play a good role in protecting the cabinet

Hardware key lock: Multiple customized storage key cabinet lock, convenient storage, high safety performance


Packaging & transportation

Our products are tightly packed, which can minimize the risk of damage during transportation. So We will then load the packed table onto a truck for shipment to the port and contact the freight forwarder for shipment. The shipping time will take about 20 working days, depending on the port nearest you.