Jewellery showroom counter material,selection,color matching and space layout are fundamental and important to the overall design of the store.Our company specializes in design and product jewelry store furniture.Different kinds of jewelry cabinets, such as wall cabinets, low cabinets, jewelry reception desk,standing jewelry cabinet.

Store Door Design

First of all, this is a jewelry store design with a metallic dark green theme. The design of an elegant jewelry store is very attractive to customers. The luminous word Logo at the door of the store with a sense of design is a good decoration. Both the decoration and design of the store are very exquisite.

Jewelry Store Layout

The layout of the jewelry store is very organized. You can see that there are many spotlights on the ceiling. It looks very nice. In the middle of the store, we’ll have a circular island cabinet. There are also standing jewelry counters along the rows of display cases against the walls. So the view from the center is very organized, and no matter which Angle you look at it, you will see our jewelry. The most unique design is the negotiation area, also separated by metal texture screen, clean and beautiful.


Display cabinet design

The jewelry display case is the centerpiece of a jewelry store, so customers can see our jewelry display case at a glance. The ultra white glass display with the bright lights of the jewelry is a very beautiful sight in itself and brings a lot of traffic to the jewelry store. To maximize the beauty of jewelry is the core of our store design and the design value of our jewelry counter.

Jewelry store decoration

The exquisite decoration of a jewelry store can bring a certain amount of exposure and traffic to the store, just like our products, beautiful jewelry and packaging can bring a better user experience to customers. As an elegant jewelry store design, the first is the need for cabinet color unity, followed by can be decorated on the wall light box painting. Finally, the presentation of lighting is also important. On the basis of the layout of the shop in this article, with some background pictures and lights, the whole is harmonious.

Product Parameter

Name:Modern Jewellery Showroom Counter Standing Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Store Furniture Jewelry Showcase.



Main materials:MDF,electroplate stainless steel,man-made stone,Led light,Acrylic

Transportation:Shipping and Freight Services.LCL\PCL

Packing: Foam packing in wooden case

How to order: Contact us, we will design according to the size of your store, the design cost is included in the total price of the product