Hot Sale Jewelry Store Furniture Jewelry Shop Interior Design Ideas

The white and gold main color of the jewelry store interior design, with suitable jewelry store furniture, this style is unique and elegant. This paper introduces simple and beautiful Jewelry Shopfitting from the layout and decoration of the entire store to the materials of furniture.


Storefront Design

This is a grand and upscale jewelry storefront design.Silver metal frame and gold background decoration can set off the noble atmosphere. The two large Windows at the door with logo decoration are beautiful and generous.


 Entering the store, there are spacious and bright arc-shaped mid-island cabinets. The ceiling of the store is equipped with bright Led light belts and spot lights to meet the lighting needs of the store.

Further inside, a jewelry display cabinet and a rest area for customers are placed in an appropriate position. The layout of the whole space is comfortable and clean.

Product Details

Name:Hot Sale Jewelry Store Furniture .

Color:White And Gold.Customized.



             1) acrylic/solid wood/plywood/wood veneer with lacquer finish.

             2) metal/stainless steel/hardware accessory with baking finish.

             3) tempered glass/hot bending glass/acrylic/LED light.

Other information


               1) preservative film and foam as inner package

               2) wooden or carton case as outer package

               3) can according to your requirement

Delivery Time:40 days after deposit.

Payment:T/T, Western Union, L/C, Trade assurance