High-end jewelry display cabinet jewelry shop furniture

In the overall layout of the store, we should not only consider the decorative effect of the store, but also predict according to the feasibility. Different stores have different design styles. Appropriate colors and lighting should be selected according to the actual situation, and reasonable display design should be carried out. Can not let the customer feel that the overall space is too narrow, so it can not be a good selection activities. The overall space can not be designed too empty, it will make people feel that the product is insufficient, can not reach the display effect. Here is a white jewelry store design for you to look at.

Store design and display

This is a white themed jewelry store decoration. Above the entrance of the jewelry store, we designed a glowing 3Dlogo, a bold sign that allows people to see our store in the distance. At the bottom, we have glass doors. In this way, even if customers are outside the store, they can see the layout inside and attract many passers-by to stay.

Interior design exhibition

After entering the store, we can see several display shelves and wall cabinets placed on both sides of the jewelry store. The furniture space is large enough to fully meet the display needs of the store. In the middle of the shop, we also set up three display tables and arranged them neatly. These display tables are mainly used to house popular products, and stand alone to attract more attention than the products on display shelves.

Store lighting decoration

Lighting is an essential decoration in any store, especially for jewelry stores. We installed light strips for display areas on each floor. In addition, on the display wall of the jewelry store, we will also install the luminous logo of the store. In addition, we installed spotlights and exquisite chandeliers in the ceiling. This makes our whole shop very bright and very sophisticated.


The following is the feedback diagram we sent to the customer after producing the display case. As you can see, the quality of our products is very good. All kinds of cases are sprayed with white paint. Smooth and glossy. After production, we will carefully inspect every piece of display furniture, including locks, lights, circuits, etc. So you can rest assured that all our products are of high quality.

After that, we will use foam as the inner packing of display cases and wooden cases as the outer packing. And we will multilayer packaging of the glass inside, which is very safe. In addition, we have more than 10 years of production experience, quality assurance, and can meet the customer’s customized needs. If you need, we can make a special design for your shop.