Jewelry Store Design

Each jewelry store has its own unique store design, depending on what type of design style preferred. The design style, the color of the theme, and what type of jewelry sold in the store. Choosing a good store design is a very important decision because a good store design can make our store get a lot of promotion.

Jewelry Store Layout

This is a very happy jewelry store design theme, it is mainly pink as the theme color of the store. Every time we enter a jewelry store we have a feeling of happiness, so it’s called the theme of happiness. It’s a great place to get married or surprise loved ones, family, or friends. The gray and white sub-theme shows the fashionable atmosphere. Our jewelry decoration also needs fashionable. According to the fashion trend wind direction, it is a good design concept.

Jewelry gives people the feeling of a very luxurious, very high-end atmosphere. So a lot of jewelry stores look very luxurious, which is in line with the temperament of jewelry. The luxury decoration is very important to display in the jewelry store, and the color theme of each display case is based on the store design of Candle Treasure, which looks like a luxurious palace. Entering the storefront, there will a feeling that I am a king. The gorgeous decoration is more prominent in the light irradiation of the luxury decoration of the jewelry store. The gold and black theme is a very high-end color scheme, it gives a luxurious and tasteful but high-end look. This jewelry store design is more suitable for some business people to travel to the place, which is also their favorite color. Black stainless steel is a very high-end material, and the display case with black edge gives people infinite inspiration.

Design Style

Plus, it’s a very fashionable design. There are corresponding tables and chairs in front of each display case. The idea of this design is that each customer can get one-to-one collocation guidance and style recommendation. This is good news for customers who have difficulty choosing. At the same time, the decoration of this jewelry store is very advanced. Under the high chandelier, every display case is our display object. Every piece of jewelry has its own home. Then this is a jewelry store design with blue as the theme, blue is a very fashionable representative. The decoration of the whole store is very atmospheric, and the blue circular jewelry display case in the middle is the theme of the whole store. It also has a purple and white neon sign, which makes people feel like they are in a dream. Blue theme jewelry showcase is very atmospheric, in front of each of our showcases has an exclusive chair, and the back of the corresponding mirror is convenient for customers to appreciate.  In addition, this is the production drawing of our factory. It a round jewelry showcase with each curved showcase assembled and spliced. It can see that the mirror of our glass surface material is very smooth and the transparency can reach more than 95%. Moreover, the glass of this material is very hard and can prevent the collision of hard objects.


Besides, we are an integrated industry and trade company, which is the first in terms of price and product. Quality is our guarantee for the past ten years, you can rest assured to purchase, the price is also the factory’s first-hand price, which is incomparable in many factories. Products are also designed by our designers, so if you want to customize any style of the store or display case, you can tell us, and we will design according to your ideas.

Material: Stainless steel + glass

suitable place: Jewellery shops, museums, watch shops, mobile phone shops

Theme: Anyone you like

Delivery time: 20-22 working days after payment

Service: customized service

The design style of the jewelry store can customize to look like you like, you just need to tell us what you think. We’ll do a 3D design for you.