Rich time to make jewelry, a poor time to make coils. Used to think gold is very vulgar, but now just want to be a Philistine. In this case, the decoration style to create wealth, atmosphere, and exquisite atmosphere, highlighting the noble status of gold. We can specially design different effects according to your preferred store size.

Design Philosophy:

“Gold will always shine, but I just want to have real gold, shine alone”

Stars thousands of times more massive than the Sun end up exploding in a spectacular supernova at the end of their lives — and gold is born.

So when you look at the reflection of the gold jewelry in the window, it’s recreating the afterglow of the stars. And diamonds? Diamonds are carbon trapped in the ground. Gold is the romance of the universe.

Image Door-head design:

This is a jewelry store decoration with a yellow and gold theme. We can see the bold acrylic luminous crystal logo on the front. From the front door, you can clearly see the interior of the store. The golden window by the front door echoes the products on the display. Our store design philosophy is to first attract customers’ attention in appearance, so we pursue eye-catching and bright appearance design in jewelry stores. It was like an enchanted golden castle that everyone who passed by wanted to see inside.

Interior Decoration:

The color design, such as the curved midisland display cases at the entrance, the lighting on the ceiling and floor, and the decor are stunning. Our designers carefully design and arrange the placement of each cabinet. Neat and uniform container placement makes it more convenient for customers to choose products.

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  • Front Desk Design

The front desk surface is white lacquered, with gold stainless steel metal edge thin ring and a miniature LOGO. The cashier is of good size and good texture, echoing the big Logo on the store. Behind the cashier desk are high cabinets placed in circular arcs, which can be used to display goods and also serve as a background wall to decorate the whole store.

  • Product Display Area

The overall space is spacious and bright, the ceiling is the main light and several spotlights. The background wall is made of golden wooden slats. The counters of the exhibition area are mostly colored with gold and blue flannel, which echo the overall decoration style of the store. There are hanging cabinets, curved low cabinets, corner cabinets and vertical cabinets.

  • Sunglasses stand                                                                                                                           

    The tall sunglasses stand with stainless steel gold plating technology can display various styles of sunglasses in multiple layers.The gold metal frame has a lot of texture. This kind of bracket design is strong and not easy to tip, convenient for customers to choose and try on.

  • Meeting Rest Area                                                                                                                 Several tables and chairs are  next to the sun frame, where customers can take a short rest. Shopping guides can also introduce products to customers in detail in this space to enhance their shopping experience.


Product Introduction

Display cabinet:

  • 1. High strength transparent glass countertops are used to display jewelry.
  • 2.Under the table can be customized open and closed type or drawer type storage cabinet, with hardware lock, safe and durable .
  • 3.Three-color LED light strips adjust different light colors according to different kinds of jewelry on display.
  • 4.The table color and size can be customized.In this case,the table size is 120*60*95cm

Light box painting:


Product materials

  • LED light: Multi-angle spotlights with transformers in different suitable hues to show the shine of the product itself.
  • Toughened glass: hard and beautiful, has a good display, and protects the product function.
  • MDF: Medium fiber board has a good extension function and is used as the top material of curved furniture, its fabric is strong, flat, and durable.
  • Matte and glossy paint: make the table more corrosion-resistant, and not easy to scratch. There are many colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Metal stainless steel edge: the cabinet kick and table edge decoration circle, play a good role in protecting the cabinet.
  • Hardware key lock: Multiple customized storage key cabinet locks, convenient storage, high safety performance.

Factory production

The following is the production diagram of our factory. The logo, color, shape and store design of the jewelry cabinet  . You can also customize these products, as long as you need, please contact our customer service at the first time.

Packaging & transportation

First we will use foam to cover all the corners, then we will pack a whole unit with film. Finally, we will pack it in a strong wooden box.

We’ll be very careful with packing, which can minimize the risk of damage during transportation. So We will then load the packed table onto a truck for shipment to the port and contact the freight forwarder for shipment. The shipping time will take about 20 working days, depending on the port nearest you.


This is the feedback chart of our products assembled by customers in the mall after their arrival at the destination. It’s very well presented. If you want to change the details of the display case, such as the color of the kiosk, we can also design for you. We support customization to make this  kiosk more tailored to your needs.

How do you book and pay?

First of all, please tell us the size and quantity you need. If you want to modify the details of the display case to make it more suitable for your shop, we can also customize it for you. Then, after confirming the details of the display case, we will give you the total price.

By the way, our display cases are factory price, so the freight does not include. You can send us your full address and we will help you calculate the freight.