Fashion Jewelry Store Custom Decoration Premium Black Jewelry Store Display Counter Manufacturing


With the continuous improvement of living standards, jewelry brands are upgrading. The public has a high demand for jewelry, so the design style of the jewelry store, the shape of each counter and the lighting effect are particularly important at this time. Our company has a professional design and manufacturing factory, according to the needs of customers, we designed the following stores. 

Design Philosophy:

The store design combines traditional and modern, industrial and romantic style, with Alexandros. Michael’s bloodless vision echoes the brand’s eclectic aesthetic of elegance and modernity.

The store integrates multiple materials and elements. The black style is matched with extremely bright lighting to bring out the brilliance of the jewelry.

Image Door-head Design:

This is a jewelry store decoration with a frosted black theme. We can see the bold acrylic luminous crystal logo on the front. From the front door, you can see the inside of the shop clearly. The black display on the front door echoes the products. Our store design philosophy is to attract customers’ attention in the appearance first, so we pursue uniqueness in the jewelry store. It is like an enchanted black castle, attracting everyone who passes by.

Interior Display:

The color design, such as the curved midisland display cases at the entrance, the lighting on the ceiling and floor, and the decor are stunning. Our designers carefully design and arrange the placement of each cabinet. Neat and uniform container placement makes it more convenient for customers to choose products.

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  • Product Display Area

The overall space is spacious and advanced. The lighting design on the ceiling is modern, with honeycomb main lights and a patchwork of spotlights. Most of the counters in the exhibition area are rectangular black cabinets, which are equipped with a ring of Led light belts to enhance the overall brightness of the store. At the same time, there is a guest table, customers can sit at the counter to consult and try on the products in detail. It echoes the overall decor of the store.

  • Front Desk Design

Front desk design for the surface of the black frosted paint, unique cutting surface modeling can show the fashion concept of jewelry brand. The size and texture of the checkout counter are good, echoing the store design.

  • Background Wall Design

Behind the cashier is a background wall with LOGO and a more modern combination of banded Led lights.


  • Jewelry Wall Stand

The size is 200cm*60cm*240cm. The counter has strong bearing capacity and will not bend and deform. Ornaments and products can be placed to decorate the store. Meanwhile, the cabinet below can be used to store goods, so that the storage space of the whole store is wider.

Product Introduction

Display cabinet:

1. High strength transparent glass countertops are used to display jewelry.

2.Under the table can be customized open and closed type or drawer type storage cabinet, with hardware lock, safe and durable .

3.Three-color LED light strips adjust different light colors according to different kinds of jewelry on display.

4.We could custom table color and size can .In this case,the table size is 220*120*100cm

Standing cabinet

1. Put it in the side window of the shop to show the products to passing customers

2.Three-color LED light strips adjust different light colors according to different kinds of jewelry on display.

3.We could custom table color and size can .In this case,the table size is 60cm*60cm*150cm

Light box painting:

1.Hd picture (UV soft film)

2.LED ultra high light strip

3.Aluminum alloy frame

Product materials

LED light:Multi-angle spotlights with transformers  in different suitable hues to show the shine of the product itself.

Toughened glass: hard and beautiful, has a good display and protect the product function.

MDF:Medium fiber board has a good extension function, is used as the top material of curved furniture, its fabric is strong, flat and durable.

Matte and glossy paint: make the table more corrosion resistant, not easy to scratch. There are many colors and patterns to choose from.

Metal stainless steel edge: in the cabinet kick and table edge decoration circle, play a good role in protecting the cabinet.

Hardware key lock: Multiple customized storage key cabinet lock, convenient storage, high safety performance.

Factory production

The following is the production diagram of our factory. The logo, color, shape and store design of the jewelry cabinet  . You can also customize these products, as long as you need, please contact our customer service at the first time.

Packaging & transportation

First we will use foam to cover all the corners, then we will pack a whole unit with film. Finally, we will pack it in a strong wooden box.

We’ll be very careful with packing, which can minimize the risk of damage during transportation. So We will then load the packed table onto a truck for shipment to the port and contact the freight forwarder for shipment. The shipping time will take about 20 working days, depending on the port nearest you.


This is the feedback chart of our products assembled by customers in the mall after their arrival at the destination. It’s very well presented. If you want to change the details of the display case, such as the color of the kiosk, we can also design for you. We support customization to make this  kiosk more tailored to your needs.

How do you book and pay?

First of all, please tell us the size and quantity you need. If you want to modify the details of the display case to make it more suitable for your shop, we can also customize it for you. Then, after confirming the details of the display case, we will give you a total price.

By the way, our display cases are factory price, so the freight do not include. You can send us your full address and we will help you calculate the freight.