Exquisite jewelry store design glass display cabinet display table 

Jewelry stores cannot do without a variety of display furniture. So how do we pick and choose? I think material, size, color and other factors should be compatible with the overall space design of the store. We are specialized in designing and producing glass display cases of various shapes for jewelry stores, such as tower display cases, octagonal display stands, low cabinets, jewelry reception desks, standing jewelry cabinets and so on.

Jewelry store design & customization

This is a beautifully decorated jewelry store design. Beautiful and elegant design is a decisive factor in attracting customers to buy jewelry. You can tell us your logo and your favorite style, we can customize it for you. We have intimate, affordable design services. If you customize furniture in our store in the future, the design fee will be deducted later, which is equivalent to free design.

Jewelry store layout

The layout of this jewelry store is very orderly. In the middle of the store, we will have a square island cabinet, where we will mainly display popular jewelry. And we will do lighting design on different jewelry cabinets to make our jewelry look beautiful.

The walls on the left and right sides of the store are lined with multilevel cabinets to better store merchandise and display jewelry. And in front of the store, we set up window display cases. The transparent glass display allows one to see the layout of the store from the door. And set up a black logo wall at the front desk, let a person at a glance.

We also set up a resting area next to the reception desk. Sofa can let the guests relax, so as to better sell. And we’ll have spotlights on the ceiling. It makes our store bright.

Display case details

The display case is one of the essential furniture in the jewelry store, it is not only to provide a display table for our jewelry. And it itself is a decoration of the shop. When customers enter the store, they can immediately see our jewelry display case. Super white glass and bright jewelry can make people have a pleasant feeling, bring a lot of customers to the jewelry store. Maximizing the beauty of jewelry is the core of our store design and the design value of our jewelry counters.