European Jewelry Store

European jewelry store design is now a very popular design style. Because its design is more elegant, which is in line with our customer’s want a style. So when we choose the store design style, we can consider choosing the European style of store design. The store design of this jewelry store is very special because each display place in the jewelry store represents a different meaning.Jewelry store design

Store Design and Layout

The layout of the whole store design of this jewelry store is very clear, each style will assign a unique position display. In the picture, there are three distribution areas. The first one is the jewelry display on our wall cabinet. The design is most suitable in a corridor because we can make full use of the wall space. At the same time, the location in the corridor is left for guests to move around. The large area in the middle is our cash register and the jewelry display is in the center. Each area has a resting place.Jewelry store design The overall design of the jewelry store presents a European design style. Each of the display cases on the wall decorates with LED lights so that the main customers can clearly see the nature and characteristics of the jewelry. In the jewelry store, there is also a special place for single product display, which is a good display of our store’s main products and popular products. This is a good promotion position because these positions can show the overall style of the store and the main style of the store. It makes good use of the promotion and marketing function of the most suitable main jewelry.Jewelry store design


This is the 3d design drawing of the store. The design is that each part of the store has a special position. And the display position is designed according to the requirements of customers. On the picture, we can suggest the position of the shelves you want to put, the location of all the equipment in the store and the required size, as well as the choice of theme color, which can customize.Jewelry store design

Display drawing

The front of the jewelry store shows a very clear image. In the store design, we can also add the store logo, poster, and design style of the electronic screen. This is a good marketing effect, in the store design we can also decorate some decorations in the store, good looking and suitable for the theme of the store is also very important, but good looking decoration will give customers different ideas.

Jewelry store design


We can create your own store design. If you interested in this store design, please contact us, and we will design it according to the size of the store you provide. If you want individual cabinets in the store, we can also customize them for you. We are a direct customization factory. We have done a lot of cases. If you interested, please contact us and tell us what you think.

Jewelry store design