Fashion jewelry store design luxury black display cabinet

Jewelry stores use black and white and gray to match, often with outstanding results. These neutral colors are popular in decoration in recent years, simple and generous. Next, I want to introduce a black jewelry store design. The most important thing is to highlight the characteristics of goods, make customers have a desire to buy, and facilitate their selection and purchase. This jewelry store looks ordinary and simple, but it is easier to show the colorful and shining jewelry.

Jewelry Store Layout

This is the top view of the jewelry store. We can see the layout of the whole store. First of all, the overall color of the store is black, including the movable door, sofa, chair, cabinet, etc. In order not to make the store look too serious, we have designed the walls, lockers and display tables to be white. The black and white match is a very classic color match and will never go out of style.

Then, we can see that on the side of the jewelry, we set up a display area. In this part, we do not set doors, but use display windows and glass display cabinets to display our jewelry. In addition, we also set up wall cabinets and wall cabinets to make full use of the space behind. When customers pass by, they can watch without entering the store.

Next is the middle rest area, where we put the sofa. In this way, guests can choose while taking a rest. When the guest is relaxed and happy, the probability of transaction will increase greatly. And we hung exquisite jewelry pictures on the wall, which looked very attractive.

The last part is our conference room. We can put a table and six chairs in it. And we have installed many downlights on the wall, which looks very atmospheric. Here we can have in-depth exchanges with customers and discuss the selection and purchase of jewelry. It is very private. In addition, employees can also hold internal meetings here.

Jewelry Store Decoration

In addition to layout, decoration is also a very important factor in the store. A good decoration can make the store better attract customers. In this store, we put large posters on the outside of it and design wall displays on both sides.. And on the top of the store, we also installed a luminous 3Dlogo.

Jewelry Store Production

The following are the production pictures of the jewelry store. We will splice them together and send you feedback pictures after the production is completed. And we will confirm all the details in the jewelry store for you. For example, whether the voltage of the light meets your national standards, whether the display cabinet is installed with locks to protect the jewelry inside, etc.

If you are interested in our design, you can contact us and send your plan. Our designers will design according to your ideas. Of course, you can also contact us to purchase the display cabinet inside separately.